Going Central

Today I decided to take a break at Zvezda, a great bar, central park adjacent. A good friend of mine works there, so I thought I’d try my luck and pay him a visit, before going back home.

I had my Rayher origami paper with me, really small, but great for folding little gifts, especially flowers. They make some nifty patterned paper that works perfectly with flower origami; hope it’ll get me some free coffee 😀



Box Clock, part 1!

I was wrecking my head with what I should do for my friend’s birthday next week.  She moves around a lot (meaning changing aparments every few months), so I decided to do something small, easily transportable (in case she moves again in a couple of weeks).

Then it dawned on me; an origami clock! I went to Rayher, bought the clock mechanism for about 10$ and folded a box, with small openings. The mechanism fits perfectly into the folded box, it really surprised me.

Hope you guys like the idea; I’ll try and post some external links for the diagrams.

Origami box clock